Financial Highlights

Accounts title FY2022
(Apr.2021 – Mar.2022)
(Apr.2022 – Mar.2023)

FY2024 2Q
(Apr.2023 – Sep.2023)

Consolidated Non-C Consolidated Non-C Consolidated Non-C
 3,712 171 7,017 844 14,120
Operating Income
△1,332 △301 3 295 2,624
Operating Income
(Hotel Dev. only)
△1,623 △505 △215 257 2,180
Net income
△1,830 △2,523 534 △775 2,555
Net assets
193 360 2,911 1,769 6,317

Message From CEO

Polaris Holdings was created by a fusion of Star Asia Group, which manages high-quality real estate investments, and Polaris (former name: Kachi Kaihatsu), which runs multifaceted hotel operations. The most important feature is to achieve the hotel operations that leverage the perspective of investment management. Our unique strength is that we operate hotels with an attitude of maximizing returns for our investors.

We will leverage and optimize the real estate market research and analytical skills that Star Asia Group has accumulated, various measures to increase real estate value, and a highly specialized workforce to generate stable and significant returns. This is where we have placed our primary focus. We have defied conventional wisdom by creating a strong profit structure that is targeted to constantly achieve a strong ROE, and by slimming down operational costs while maintaining the quality of services in the hotel management business, which was generally regarded as low margin with high turnover.

We operate four hotel brands including the “KOKO HOTEL”, which will continue to evolve after opening in major cities such as Tokyo, Sapporo, and Fukuoka in 2020, the “Best Western”, a global brand with more than 4,700 hotels worldwide, the “Value The Hotel”, a hotel for medium to long-term stays at the roadside locations in the Tohoku area, and the “Red Planet”, one of Asia’s leading hotel brand with a major presence in the Philippines. In addition to the conventional MC contracts (hotel management consignment contracts), we are continuously embarking on a new operational style that hedges downside risk. Another unique selling proposition is that we make swift investment and management decisions by leveraging the advantage of having access to a select group of specialists. In order to manage the numerous high quality hotel properties with the upside potential to be highly profitable hereafter, we continue to crystalize and implement unconventional hotel operations that distinguish ourselves from the competition by collaborating with Star Asia Group with its abundant experience and professionals for managing real estate investments and hotel business.

Polaris Holdings Co., Ltd.
President & CEO
Takahiro Tsujikawa